TUTOR Project’s Third Newsletter

We are glad to share with you the latest news from the TUTOR project, featuring the main activities and updates in the third edition of our newsletter. 

In this edition, you will find: 

  • Ideas from the 3rd Transnational Partners Meeting in Vienna: This section provides a comprehensive overview of the current status of the project, evaluates the progress made so far, and outlines strategies for upcoming activities. 
  • Breaking Barriers: The TUTOR project reveals insights about inclusive practices in secondary education, aimed at understanding the current educational landscape, identifying obstacles, and discovering ways to improve inclusion practices among teachers and stakeholders. 
  • Closing Gaps in Secondary Education: Insights from the Training Needs Analysis Report, a critical step in the TUTOR project’s efforts to enhance inclusive education. 
  • TUTOR Info Days in Austria: Promoting inclusion in education through an in-depth exploration of participation and inclusion in the educational landscape. 
  • TUTOR Ambassador Spotlight: Highlighting the efforts of consortium members from Greece, Ireland, Turkey, and Austria, who have selected dedicated ambassadors to actively promote our project and its benefits. 
  • Advancing Inclusion in Education: The TUTOR project’s Facebook Live event series, aimed at engaging individuals and the educational community in vital conversations about classroom inclusion. 
  • Paths to Progress: Initiating debates within the Advisory Group to advance inclusive education through the TUTOR project. 

Thank you for being a vital part of the TUTOR project. Let’s continue to shape the future of education together!